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Voice Over Video Sampler

Your project is unique. It deserves a custom, one-of-a-kind voice over read to help it stand out. Tim Hill brings that skills and experience to bring your script to life. When I was a kid, ...

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Commercial video Sadia meats voiced by Timothy Hill.

Documentary with a Wink

When the global meat production brand Sadia needed a specific style of voiceover delivery, with nuanced narration and comedic chops (pun intended), they came to the right guy – experienced and versatile voice actor Timothy Hill. This is ...

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Engaging Voiceover for eLearning

Clear, knowledgeable and informative explainer narration. Tim Hill specializes in connecting with your message in a personal and personable way, keeping your audience engaged. Tim’s style and talents are a perfect fit for all sorts ...

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Voiceover Golf Ninja for Hire

It’s human nature to conflate cost with value. Want proof? Lurk around the sales racks at any store and eavesdrop on the conversations. How often do people mention the original price of a marked down ...

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Lessons the Hard Way

  Follow through, follow up, follow the bouncing web search. The first two are crucial to a successful business. The last is evil, and I could have avoided it recently had I paid more attention ...

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