This is a picture of a toy soldier army in battle.

The Imaginary Enemy

When it comes to the business of selling our services the biggest obstacle many of us face is one of our own creation. (Reposting this post because I recently had the honor of working with the ...

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Broadway street sign.

A Trip to Remember

Chasing a career in voice over, or any performing art, isn’t for the faint of heart. Why put yourself through the endless rejection, the stiff competition for sometimes pretty meager returns if you don’t have ...

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Once More with Feeling!

Retakes – love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re part of the gig. Whether performing a voice over script or singing a song, recording session retakes can be like a stroll in the park, or like ...

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Voiceover Golf Ninja for Hire

It’s human nature to conflate cost with value. Want proof? Lurk around the sales racks at any store and eavesdrop on the conversations. How often do people mention the original price of a marked down ...

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Lessons the Hard Way

  Follow through, follow up, follow the bouncing web search. The first two are crucial to a successful business. The last is evil, and I could have avoided it recently had I paid more attention ...

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This is an anatomy drawing of the human ear.

Best Sales Tool in the World!

What is the World’s Best Sales Tool? Here’s a hint: it comes in pairs and most people are born equipped, though it’s often not used to it’s full potential. Ready for the answer? (Drumroll) A ...

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Happy to be of Service!

Frank Sinatra. Ol’ Blue Eyes. The one thing most of us know about him is that he did it his way. Except that he didn’t. He hated the song My Way, and wasn’t shy about ...

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The Time Less Frittered

I am writing today from the loneliest of places: an internet based home voiceover studio that currently has no internet service as the result of an speed upgrade gone (temporarily) bad. Thankfully, if you’re reading ...

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