Medical Terminology Narration

Medical Terminology narrator Tim Hill showcases his engaging and articulate style in this sampler video.

Medical Terminology Presents Unique Challenges

Anyone willing to admit you’re old enough to remember ‘80s TV ads? Then you’re probably familiar with the commercial where soap opera star Peter Bergman said “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.” The product was cough syrup and the spots ran for years. The premise? That using an over-the-counter medicine improperly is like a lay person pretending to be a doctor – a very bad idea.  

The trick the creative team is going for is setting up the on camera talent as authoritative and trustworthy – just not quite as much an actual doctor. Oh, those Madison Avenue folks and their diabolical sorcery!

All About Relatability

In a way, the challenge of delivering clear, authoritative yet relatable medical narration is similar. Few voice over professionals are actual doctors, dentists or pharmacists. Even so, we need to come across as completely in command of complex jargon that we don’t use every day. We’re describing products, procedures, standards – pretty dry stuff. But we need to engage the listener with a warm and human delivery. No easy task!

Jargon Means Research, And Tim Hill Excels at Research!

Professional voice over talent Tim Hill has proven himself to be up to the challenge time and again. He has successfully narrated explainer pieces for pharmaceutical companies across the globe. He has voiced pieces explaining complex medical and dental procedures for the benefit of healthcare professionals and patients alike. Tim has even been the public voice on radio and TV campaigns for a handful of major regional hospital organizations!

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Every Script Tells a Story

What sets Tim apart for projects like these? It’s a combination of two things, really: his innate curiosity and his skill at identifying and conveying the story elements of even the driest of scripts. 

Inquisitiveness is what makes him enjoy researching medical terminology for proper pronunciation and emphasis. For some of this work he’s able to rely on first-hand experience – he worked in hospital materials supply for over a year. He spent a significant amount of time in and out of all the units of a level 4 trauma hospital, from NICU, to Burns, to Surgery, and everything in between.

The story part is down to his decades of experience as a professional actor. He finds the humanity in every script, and connects with it. Story is about conflict and resolution, problems and solutions. No matter how jargon-laden or complex, Tim has yet to find a medical messaging piece that he can’t connect with. 

If you have a medical piece that needs to inform, inspire, educate or elucidate, let male voice over artist Tim Hill show you what he can do with a sample read.

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