Engaging Voiceover for eLearning

Clear, knowledgeable and informative explainer narration. Tim Hill specializes in connecting with your message in a personal and personable way, keeping your audience engaged.

Tim’s style and talents are a perfect fit for all sorts of elearning voice over scripts like human resources onboarding, process and procedure training, business-to-business sales, or any project where getting a detailed message across is your goal.

What’s the “secret sauce” Tim brings to eLearning narration? A genuine interest in and curiosity about your company or project. He’s a life-long learner who tries to connect with your message on a personal level.

Got an idea for an audio or video tutorial, sales pitch or training piece? Shoot Tim a bit of copy and he’ll gladly provide you with elearning voice over samples or a demo read to see if he’s a good match.

Key traits Tim brings to projects like this: he’s articulate, authentic, conversational, engaging, knowledgeable, professional, straightforward, informative.

Tim has a proven track record of voicing pieces in the areas of Accounting, Business-to-Business, Business processes, corporate, eLearning, education, explainers, financial, healthcare, human resources, HR, facility tours, investor videos, marketing, medical terminology, product introductions, retirement videos, training, sponsor videos, tourism promos, sales presentations, IVR and on hold phones, branding and launch videos.

Tim Hill is also an award winning writer. That often comes in handy for translated pieces where the syntax is a bit clunky. If needed he can usually suggest just a few tweaks to make the message flow better and sound more conversational to English speaking audiences.

A comment Tim hears time and again it that he’s very easy to work with. Since this service is often needed by smaller companies that may not have people with these skills on staff, his rates for this are often surprisingly affordable.

No matter what size your project, a small local video to a national TV spot or anything in between, if you need a great voice over for eLearning you’ll always get the same attention to detail and great customer service. Let Tim know if you have any questions.

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