Documentary with a Wink

When the global meat production brand Sadia needed a specific style of voiceover delivery, with nuanced narration and comedic chops (pun intended), they came to the right guy – experienced and versatile voice actor Timothy Hill.

This is the breakdown the client provided:

“We have a brief which is sort of dramatic and comedic – and the voice-over serves as a kind of commentary for what is happening in the scene. The voice we are looking for is a bit raspy and wise-sounding. 

The VO is the heart of the commercial. The lightheartedness and humor of the ad come from the contrast between his sincerity and performance and the clarity and lightness of the visuals.”

This fun and exciting project came together to record Tim’s voice after the video was in the can. The session brought together brand representatives from the home office in Brazil, agency and production creatives in the target market of Dubai, and of course Tim recording in his home studio in Portland, Oregon USA, all through the magic of teleconferencing. How cool is that?

And here’s the agency feedback when it was all said and done:

Tim, thanks for your dedication. It’s amazing having an artist like you being a part of our project!” 

  • Stella V., Milkshake Media

The final result is a dynamic commercial piece that captures the fun and wonder of a backyard cookout. Warning: viewing might just make you hungry!

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