This is a graphic design image of a person swimming.

River Deep

Once, when I was a kid, I damn near drowned at the local swimming hole. My best friend Craig and I had decided to bravely venture around the 15ft high diving boulder that jutted into ...

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Graphic design image of stick figure people conducting a business transaction.

VO is for Closers!

Voiceover work involves sales, and not just when we book a commercial. Sales. To this day that word makes my stomach turn just a wee bit queezy. Okay, maybe not the word itself, but the concept of ...

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Broadway street sign.

A Trip to Remember

Chasing a career in voice over, or any performing art, isn’t for the faint of heart. Why put yourself through the endless rejection, the stiff competition for sometimes pretty meager returns if you don’t have ...

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Once More with Feeling!

Retakes – love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re part of the gig. Whether performing a voice over script or singing a song, recording session retakes can be like a stroll in the park, or like ...

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Horse Tale

Voice over or on camera, sometimes the most mundane gigs turn out to be the most memorable. Let’s face it, for actors, some jobs are thrilling from the time we get the breakdown – others, ...

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Comedy Voyeurism 101

Experienced actors beware! The following is directed mainly at newer folks who ask the age-old question in online forums “How do I get started in Acting?” Read on at your own peril!!!!! When it comes ...

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Numbers Lie!

I’ll say it again, numbers lie. Okay, a better way to put it might be to say that statistics often don’t paint the proverbial complete picture, but that’s kind of wordy and less provocative. I’m ...

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