Cartoon woodchuck with glasses.

Cartoon Woodchuck PSA

Character voices are a blast to perform! Voiceover artist Tim Hill has been making goofy voices into a microphone since he got a cassette deck for Christmas as a kid. Newspaper comics and Mad Magazine ...

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Commercial video Sadia meats voiced by Timothy Hill.

Documentary with a Wink

When the global meat production brand Sadia needed a specific style of voiceover delivery, with nuanced narration and comedic chops (pun intended), they came to the right guy – experienced and versatile voice actor Timothy Hill. This is ...

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plastic model human head physiology, blurred

Medical Terminology Narration

Medical Terminology narrator Tim Hill showcases his engaging and articulate style in this sampler video. Medical Terminology Presents Unique Challenges Anyone willing to admit you’re old enough to remember ‘80s TV ads? Then you’re probably ...

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