"Who is this guy?"

Glad you asked! I've been talking into microphones since I was a kid, copying guys like Casey Kasem and Wolfman Jack on a cassette deck in my bedroom. I meandered through music study, learning to play multiple instruments (guitar, drums, piano, kazoo). Fatefully, I auditioned to play drums in the pit orchestra of a musical, but the director cast me in a juicy role instead. A degree in Theatre Arts and dozens of professional plays, commercials and TV roles later I have circled back to where I started, talking into a microphone - only now a much nicer one!


]Cassette Recorder



Studio Setup

What is broadcast quality? It's a recording environment treated with GK Acoustics panels and Auralex, that enables a pristine signal from professional microphones by Neumann, Shure, Audiotechnica and Audix. It's Grace, Apogee and Scarlet preamps and interfaces, channeled through a Mackie mixer, with live connectivity via Musicam CDQ Prima ISDN or iPDTL. This Attention to audio detail enables me to provide professional voiceover services to clients all over the world, including Nikon, Microsoft, GlaxoSmithKline, The Shedd Aquarium...and so many more.